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SigningBanks UK is working to help close the gap between the needs of d/Deaf people and financial institutions. With a ready-made suite of accessible resources for d/Deaf customers and Banking Staff, we hope to effectively lower many of the barriers d/deaf people face across the UK.

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How Signing Banks can help you

The future of accessibility and inclusion for d/Deaf Customers

The d/Deaf community have long been misunderstood in terms of their needs for navigating financial matters with banks and banking staff. This project wishes to build on its partnerships and current resources, in order to firstly assist d/Deaf people but also signpost successful inclusive practices as changes are fast approaching for the financial industry.

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RNID Communication Tips

See RNID's communication Tips with someone who is deaf or has hearing loss.

Lending Standards Board Report - Access for d/Deaf customers in banking & credit.

‘Financial services impact all areas of life. That’s why it is so important that we in the UK do all we can to have a fully inclusive financial services industry that works for everyone, regardless of access need.

Signing Banks - European Report Released

Desktop Research into the Experience of the d/Deaf Community